Live printing brings a whole new level of fun, creativity and engagement to your event. By incorporating your artwork onto promotional items and giveaways, we ensure an interactive and memorable experience for everyone involved. No matter the type of event, live printing is always the center of interest & fun.


Social events can range from holiday parties, birthdays, sweet 16s and mitzvahs. You can choose from a wide range of our popular services such as screen printing, embroidery and heat press to customize various apparel. Live Ink can print on just about anything…


Corporate events are an opportunity to get creative with printing and engaging activities that increase brand exposure and allow everyone to interact in a fun way. With Live Ink, you are able to create customized and memorable items for your guests to take home.


Whether you are hosting a charity gala, race, or other fundraising event, raise awareness and increase your donations with Live Ink! Including live printing into your event can greatly increase guest engagement, donations, and make your fundraiser one to be remembered!




Engaging and interactive fun for any type of event


Guests will wear your logos and designs for years to come


Offer several designs and colors on an assortment of items


Add names, numbers, or a selection of options

Fast & Compact

Create a custom item in a matter of minutes. Limited space needed so fits in most floor plans

Made to Order

Print based on need, eliminating inventory


High volumes can be as affordable as pre-printing

Data Driven

Integrate data capture to enhance client acquisition and retention


Enhance revenue or donations for your organization by selling items or linking into a sponsorship


“The Live Ink team was wonderful to work with leading up to the event and even better on-site!  They printed 1,000 tote bags within a sponsor activation.  The quality was excellent and guests adored the gift. I highly recommend!”

Liz Ferguson – Senior Director of Events 

“Live Ink was amazing to work with! From the planning process all the way through to on-site at the event, I couldn’t have asked for a more detail-oriented and professional partner on our activation!”

Traci Saliterman – Director of Events

“I couldn’t recommend Live Ink more! They truly are great partners who go the extra mile. The experience they provide to events is second-to none. Each time we have worked with Live Ink, we have been the talk of the event.”

Chase Wexler – Senior Marketing Manager